The Edition

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The forthcoming OUP edition will make available a wealth of unknown manuscript material. It will also, for the first time, apply modern standards of accuracy, accessibility and editorial commentary to Robinson’s texts. The edition will be published in hardback, and also on Oxford Scholarly Editions Online.


The following volumes have been accepted for publication with Oxford University Press:

Phase One:

  • Reminiscences, ed. Timothy Whelan and James Vigus. 4 volumes.
  • Early Diaries, ed. Philipp Hunnekuhl. 1-2 volumes.

Phases Two to Three:

  • Diary, including travel diaries, gen. eds. Timothy Whelan and James Vigus. c. 35 volumes.

As part of Phase One, i.e. alongside the publication of the Reminiscences, an introductory volume of essays by the special subject area editors is planned:

  • ‘All Our Knowledge is Reminiscence’: An Introduction to Henry Crabb Robinson’s ‘Reminiscences’, ed. Timothy Whelan and James Vigus

The Reminiscences:

The edition will be divided into four volumes that mirror Robinson’s manuscript volumes, covering the years 1775-1809, 1810-1825, 1826-1833, and 1834-1843, with individual chapters divided by years and by Robinson’s occasional subject headings. Each of the first three volumes will comprise approximately 400 pages of text and notes, with Vol. 4 substantially longer due to the inclusion of a Cumulative Index and a Biographical Index.

For a critical introduction to the Reminiscences and our editorial work, please see James Vigus, ‘Literary Reporter or Dissenting Autobiographer? Editing Henry Crabb Robinson’s Reminiscences’ (2014)

The Early Diaries:

This part of the Crabb Robinson Editorial Project encompasses the miscellaneous surviving diaries from Robinson’s formative years: the 1790–6 Pocket Diaries, the 1801–2 Travel Diary, the 1804–5 Memorandum Book, the Notebook for 1806, the 1807 Memorandum Book, the Pocket Diary and Memorandum Book dividing up the year 1808, as well as the 1809 and 1810 Pocket Diaries. The edition of Robinson’s Early Diaries will comprise some 300,000 words, including translations where Robinson writes in German or French, and transliterations of shorthand passages. The Early Diaries themselves shed new light on Robinson’s social, political, and material environment during his teenage years and early adulthood – for instance the circulating libraries in various parts of England and Germany, the dispersion of the Jena circle of philosophers from 1803, and the German notes on William Hazlitt’s early literary career, among much more.

Further information, including on the German Research Foundation’s grant for this project, is available here.